About Our Server

Everything you need to know to get started with our server

Rules of Conduct

All of our rules are common knowledge also known as common sense. They're as simple as simple gets. Just in case you need to re-learn proper etiquette the rules are as follows:

  • Rule 1 No Spawn Killing
  • Rule 2 No Cheating
  • Rule 3 No Harassing Players
  • Rule 4 No Trolling

Our rules and simple and easy to follow. Please follow then at all times so everyone can have a fun experience.

Chat Commands

Our server supports a variety of commands that are available to every player. You can easily view what commands are available to you simply by typing /commands in chat. The forward slash MUST be in front of every command in order for it to work properly. This tells our server that you're trying to execute a command.


Our banlist is only for the most serious of offenders. Chances are you will never find yourself in it unless you're an extremely rude and obnoxious person. Our autoban intervals are 5 minutes for your first offense, 30 minutes for your second and 1 hour for each additional offense after.

Our server is "Modded"

This means our server does not follow the natural laws that the developers of Halo original set in place. While we respect the developers of this game, it's just a lot more fun when you can break away from the norm every now and then. Here's a list of a few of the mods you will find on our server:

  • Mod 1 Spawn Kill protection
  • Mod 2 Unlimited Ammo
  • Mod 3 Increased AoE damage
  • Mod 4 Dozens of Teleports marked with bouncing health packs
  • Mod 5 Invisibility while crouching
  • Mod 6 The ability to spawn any weapon/vehicle
  • Mod 7 Able to use plasma pistal as a portal gun
  • Mod 8 Shooting vehicles with the portal gun puts you in the drivers seat
  • Mod 9 You're incharge or who stays or goes with vote kick
  • Mod 10 Grenades travel vast distances in seconds and explode on impact
  • Mod 11 Increased accuracy on pistol and sniper
  • Mod 12 Bullet range has been increased
  • Mod 13 Rapid fire pistols and snipers
  • Mod 14 Team specific teleports while in a team environment

Server Query

See what's going on inside

Our server only visible in the lobby to players with Halo version . Those of you who have the latest version of Halo will have to use direct connect to play on our server.

Direct IP: or moddedweapons.com:1117

Online Players ( / )

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